Bestbidonline (BBO) is an online trading platform facilitating a number of solutions as follows: BBO Property Express – a property listing platform that facilitates fast track property sales via silent auctions and tenders with a membership system allowing members to refer, list, sell and earn. BBO Auction Express – an online auction platform focused on property sales via a number of auction solutions. BBO Lifestyle – is a multi vendor e-commerce platform that allows multiple vendors/clients to open stores and to sell their products or services via their own online store. BBO Digital Solutions – is the tech services division of BBO assisting clients, members and estate agents by creating and maintaining bespoke websites and e-commerce stores. If you look at the various websites within the BBO family you can see the level of sophistication and attention to detail that BBO Digital Solutions is capable of. The BBO Property Express membership system allows anyone to register as a BBO member. You then get your own member profile and dashboard to manage your BBO journey. As member you can then also apply via your profile / dashboard to become a BBO Agent to list properties and to earn on BBO. BBO will publish and update rates and promotions on your profile under My Packages. A BBO Agent can be someone seeking new career / income earning opportunity, a home owner / seller, an estate agent that would like to galvanize his / her sales without crippling listing fees and or someone who would like to become an estate agent. The BBO team will then also guide you on how to place your listed properties on BBO Auction. BBO Auctions brings together motivated sellers and qualified buyers and as potential investor you can utilise the various BBO Offer and Bidding options to secure a well priced investment. Prospective Investors / Buyers need to REGISTER AS BIDDER to be able to Bid on BBO Auctions. Please See our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy at the bottom of each web page. By Registering as A Member / Bidder and Using the BBO Web Systems you are agreeing to these Terms, Conditions and our Privacy Policy.