Bestbidonline (BBO) is an online trading platform facilitating a number of solutions as follows:

BBO Property Express – a property listing platform that facilitates fast track property sales via silent auctions and tenders with a membership system allowing members to refer, list, sell and earn.

BBO Auction Express – an online auction platform focused on property sales via a number of auction solutions.

BBO Lifestyle – is a multi vendor e-commerce platform that allows multiple vendors/clients to open stores and to sell their products or services via their own online store.

The BBO Privacy policy applies collectively for all these websites.

Anyone entering their personal data on any of these sites does it voluntarily.

Your data will be stored on the BBO system to enable you to use the BBO applications.

BBO will only contact you in the line of BBO business or for promotional purposes as allowed for in our Terms and Conditions of Use which you agree to when using BBO.

BBO will not share or sell your personal data with or to any third party.

As per the POPI act you can also inform us at any time if you would like us to remove your details from our systems.